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Make Your Window Coverings Look Their Best

SunGard Window Fashions in Bloomington, IL offers professional blind, shade, shutter, and drapery cleaning services, including removal and reinstallation.

We carry high quality Hunter Douglas window treatments that are designed for easy cleaning and care. They are made to be trouble free and wear resistant for the most part but occasionally may require professional cleaning. Many of the available fabrics are treated to repel dirt and dust and our horizontal aluminum blinds are treated with an anti-static paint that reduces build up. Every Hunter Douglas window treatment comes with detailed cleaning instructions. Our professionals can help you with the cleaning and care of each product as well as help you with any additional maintenance or care that may be needed.

In some cases, your treatments can be cleaned with simple cleaning maintenance. There are a few cleaning methods that are recommended for particular window treatments.

  • Dusting – Most shades, blinds, sheers, shadings, shutters and window panels can be kept in like-new condition by simply dusting them on a regular basis.
  • Vacuuming - Vacuuming your window treatments with a brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner will provide for a deeper cleaning. The majority of our products can be vacuumed with a vertical stroke; however, we do not recommend that you use a brush attachment with sheers.
  • Spot Cleaning – Spot cleaning blinds and shades with a wet sponge or cloth can also be effective. It is recommended to use a mild detergent and lukewarm water on the cloth and blot the fabric very carefully. Do not rub because this can damage the fabric. Some of our products should not be spot cleaned – Silhouette shadings and some of our honeycomb fabrics are more fragile and should not be cleaned using water or detergent.
Blind and Shade Cleaning, offered by SunGard Window Fashions in Bloomington, IL
Silhouette® window shadings
Window Treatment Cleaning, offered by SunGard Window Fashions in Bloomington, IL
Celebrity® aluminum blinds

When cleaning aluminum blinds, it is recommended that you use an approved over the counter cleaner. You can reduce static electricity build-up on aluminum and vinyl vertical blinds by applying a detergent film on the vanes.

However, many window treatments require professional cleaning to ensure that they are cleaned properly, remain working properly and look like new. Some of the methods that we may use to clean your treatments are:

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning – many window treatments require professional ultrasonic cleaning.
  • Injection/Extraction cleaning system – this cleaning method involves injecting a cleaning solution into the fabric and them extracting it to deep clean the treatments. Many of our soft, fabric products require this method.
  • Steaming – steaming is another method that can be used to clean and remove wrinkles from treatments in your home.
  • No matter what you need – we can make your window treatments look like new. Rely on our expert staff to clean your window coverings professionally and in a timely manner, with no damage or shrinkage.

To request our cleaning services, please contact us today.