What Color Plantation Shutter Should I Choose


You may be asking yourself, “what color plantation shutters should I choose?” In some homes, the choice is obvious. You have a ton of wood and choosing a wood shutter makes sense. Other decors provide more options and choosing a color can be more difficult. Although there are no fast and fixed rules about choosing shutter color, we hope these ideas will help you choose.


Matching the Trim

Many homes have wood trim and in most cases matching the color of the trim creates a pleasing look. Whether you choose a wood stain color or a white you can create a contrast with the walls that really looks nice. Don’t feel like you only have 2 options though. White, off white and wood stain have their place but you really can paint wood shutters any color you desire. Heritance® Hardwood Shutters are also offered in an artisan finish that provides a rustic look and texturing.


Matching the Exterior

Some people are more concerned about curb appeal than others. Plantation shutters are often seen from the outside of the house. This makes a very nice look. Matching the colors to coordinate with your exterior paint or brick color is an option. If this doesn’t matter to you then the answer to “what color plantation shutter should I choose?” is more about what creates a warm inviting look to the inside of your home and what color do you like.


Matching Existing Wood

If you purchase a faux wood shutter, you are more limited in the colors that are available. Hardwood shutters on the other hand come in a variety of paint and stain colors. You can choose a custom stain color that perfectly matches your existing wood or other accessories in your home.


Painted Plantation Shutters

It is quite popular to paint furniture and customize wood pieces with just about any color you choose. Plantation shutters by Hunter Douglas are designed to resemble fine furniture and are made with the durability that lasts a lifetime. You will find that painting your shutters to match wood pieces or painted pieces of furniture in your home makes a great look too. This is one of the modern ways an artisan or country home can use plantation shutters.


What Color Plantation Shutters Should I Choose?

When you stop by SunGard Window Fashions in Bloomington IL, we will be happy to help you define your color choice. Often when you are choosing a color for plantation shutters it’s best to pick 3 shades of your color choice or choices and narrow it down as you go. We would be happy to show you our plantation shutters in our showroom or bring samples to your home. Our free in-home consultations are relaxing and convenient. Call 309-663-6972 today!