Operating Systems for Window Shades

You’ve visited the SunGard Window Fashions showroom to pick out your shades in Bloomington, Illinois, consulted with the design experts, and found the perfect ones for your windows. Now you have to decide how you are going to operate them. Gone are the days of only being able to pull on the bottom of your rolling shades and having retract, or using cords to raise and lower them. Now there are numerous ways to adjust your window treatments.


 This system is for those who like the traditional method of raising and lowering shades with cords but don’t like the extra length of cord when the shade is up. UltraGlide uses a retractable cord that stays a constant length, regardless of the position of the shade. No more extra-long unsightly cords for pets or kids to get tangled in.


If you prefer no cords at all, LiteRise is the way to go. Shades are raised by pushing up on the bottom and lowered by pulling them down. You no longer have to disengage the locking mechanism on the cord to make an adjustment or lock it back in place.

Top-Down / Bottom-Up

This versatile option allows you to raise the bottom of a shade, lower the top of a shade, or both. Privacy and natural light can be enjoyed at the same time by leaving the bottom part of the shade closed and pushing down the top to let the light in. Or if the sun is shining in your eyes in the middle of the window, you can pull up the bottom and push down the top, just leaving enough of the shade closed to keep you from squinting.


You have remotes for your TV, your garage door, and your ceiling fan. Why not your window treatments? Now with PowerView you can raise or lower them without having to leave the comfort of your couch. Shades that are blocked by furniture or are too high to reach without a ladder can be easily adjusted from anywhere in the room. The remote can even be programmed to move several shades at the same time, allowing you to block your eastern-facing windows and uncover your western-facing windows all at once as the sun rises, and do the opposite as the suns starts to set. If you can’t stand the thought of having one more remote on your coffee table, the PowerView Surface can be mounted in a convenient location on your wall. And the battery-powered motor hides easily behind valances or headrails.

Mobile Device

Just in case a remote control isn’t convenient enough, Hunter Douglas also offers an app that allows you to operate your window treatments with your mobile device. Several rooms of window treatments can be scheduled to open or close at certain times of the day based on your preferences. Shades can also be set to open or close based on the sun rising or setting in your area. If you forget to position your shades before you leave for work you can do it from your smart phone or tablet with a wi-fi connection. This feature is also great for making it look like someone is home when you’re out of town for a vacation or business.

Using your shades to their fullest has never been easier!