How to Clean Plantation Shutters

Cleaning Plantation Shutters is easy with the professional help of SunGard Window Fashions in Bloomington, Illinois.


You’ve chosen the elegant look of plantation shutters for your home, and now the challenge of cleaning them awaits. Instead of guessing which method works best or which products you need to use, consult the professional staff at SunGard Window Fashions in Bloomington Illinois for the proper cleaning instructions that’s best for your choice of Hunter Douglas shutters.

Genuine Hardwood Shutters


Hardwood plantation shutters are one of the most popular designs and materials used in their construction, however great care must be taken when cleaning them to prevent ruining real and fragile wood. Although Hunter Douglas products are always backed by a lifetime guarantee, it is still not recommended to clean your wooden shutters with any type of harsh chemical substance. Instead, pure water is acceptable to use, however using it sparingly is highly suggested. According to the Hunter Douglas care and cleaning chart, the best method for cleaning wooden blinds is to first vacuum them with a bristled brush that won’t scratch the hardwood surface. This will gather the majority of the dust and dirt, but if some does remain, it is recommended to wipe the shutters with a clean, dry cloth or soft brush as to remove any debris that the vacuum was unable to obtain. If wiping the wooden shutters with a clean cloth after vacuuming still doesn’t remove all the particles, you may lightly wet a small cloth or brush to quickly dust with, however it is also recommended that you quickly dry the wet shutters as to not saturate the wood too much.

Synthetic Material and Faux Wood Shutters


Faux wood is a common material for shutters, especially the Hunter Douglas New Style™ product line that offers synthetic, man-made materials with the look of real wood but without the cleaning hassle. With faux wood, the use of harsher cleaning chemicals other than pure water is acceptable. Start with a small amount of soap in warm water to see how your synthetic shutters will first react. If no spotting or discoloration occurs, it’s acceptable to move on to a harsher chemical cleaner for your window treatments, if needed. First, though, it is suggested that you use the same method for cleaning actual real, wood shutters. Vacuuming, dusting, and then a wet dusting cloth or brush followed by drying is the perfect method for faux wood plantation shutters before resorting to cleaning chemicals.

Professional Cleaning Of Plantation Shutters in Bloomington Illinois

If you fear that your cleaning method alone may ruin your quality Hunter Douglas shutters, contact the staff at SunGard Window Fashions in Bloomington, Illinois to schedule a professional cleaning today. They guarantee a thorough cleaning without damage to your shutters, and also offer removal and reinstallation if necessary. The professionals at SunGard Window Fashions are prepared to assist you with all your cleaning needs for plantation shutters in Bloomington Illinois.