Operating Systems for Horizontal and Vertical Blinds

When talking about operating systems, most people think of computers, and rightly so. Whether you are a Windows, iOS, or even Linux person, how your computer runs is usually what you think of when someone mentions operating systems. But did you know that blinds have their own operating systems? An operating system in terms of blinds refers to how you are able to operate and control the blinds, such as lowering or raising them, or adjusting the angle of the slats in order to filter how much light can pass through. This article is here to help you figure out how different operating systems work and which one is the best for you.

Corded and Cordless Operating Systems

The first operating system is the classic Standard Cordlock. This is how most horizontal blinds operate. It features a locking mechanism on the chord that keeps the blinds at whatever level you want them to reach. This system can be found on just about every different style of horizontal blinds.

The UltraGlide® system is a lot like the Standard Cordlock, except it has a retractable cord. This gives it a constant cord length, meaning there will never be any long, dangling cords that detract from the look of the blinds or can be a hazard to pets and small children. This operating system can also be found as an option for just about every single Hunter Douglas product.

The LiteRise® and SimpleLift® systems are both cordless, making them even safer for houses with little kids and pets running around. Simply by pulling or pushing the bottom of your blinds, you are able to adjust where they sit. And when you are at the spot you want, they simply lock into place, making it even easier to adjust your blinds. The LiteRise® and SimpleLift® operating systems are available with a wide variety of blinds including: Aluminum, wood and faux wood blinds.

PowerView™ Motorization

The PowerView™ Motorization operating system is the most high tech of all the different blinds operating systems. It is controlled by one of two different controls – the Pebble™ Remote Control and the Pebble™ Scene Controller. The Remote Control is like a regular remote with various preset options that you can adjust. The Scene Controller has a tiny display screen previewing different ways the room could look with different amounts of light let in through the blinds. The Pebble™ devices come in seven different colors to match any décor, or can be mounted on the wall for easy access. However if you want to fully unlock all that PowerView™ has to offer, you need to get the PowerView™ App, which allows you to control more features and set different settings for different times of the day so no matter what time it is your room always has the perfect amount of light shining through. This system is available with many Hunter Douglas window blinds including Everwood® and Parkland® products.

Choosing An Operating System For Your Blinds

While you had probably never even thought about it before, the operating system you choose for your blinds can make a world of difference when it comes to ease and accessibility. To get the best blinds with the best operating systems in Bloomington, Illinois, go to SunGard Window Fashions.