The Advantages of Motorized Shades and Blinds

Motorized window treatments are a great way to add security to your home, save on heating and cooling costs, and simplify your day to day life. The window experts at SunGard Window Fashions, your source for motorized window treatments in Bloomington, Illinois, want to show you the advantages of motorized shades and blinds.


Rather you choose The PowerView® Motorization System, The Platinum™ Wall Switch, or The PowerTilt™ Operation System, your life will gain simplicity and ease. These products are all available to use with a wide range of excellently crafted, Hunter Douglas products. No longer will your hard to reach shades and blinds have to remain in one position. You can easily adjust them with the touch of a button. And forget about having to get up from your comfortable seat. With motorized window treatments, you can simply change your blinds and shades right where you are. With convenient remote controls and the new PowerView™ app, you have a wide range of options when it comes to controlling your automated window treatments. Besides the simplicity of using automated shades and blinds, these window coverings also provide safety and money savings.


When it comes to added safety in your home, home automation with motorized shades and blinds, is the simplest way to achieve it. Home automation is one of the easiest ways to add security to your home. With a motorized operation system, you can choose to have your blinds and shades on a schedule, even when you are not home to operate them. With this schedule you can have your blinds and shades open and close periodically throughout the day when you are not home to make it appear as though you were. By doing this you greatly reduce the risk of potential burglaries and intrusions because a house that is not vacant is less of a target. By utilizing this schedule of operation for your window treatments, in addition to added safety, you can also help save yourself money on your heating and cooling costs.


The last advantage to motorized shades and motorized blinds is the money these operation systems will save. Because you can program your shades to operate on a specific schedule, as stated above, you can choose to keep your blinds lowered during the hottest or coldest parts of the day to avoid heat transfer. By hindering the heat transfer in and out of your windows, you keep your air conditioning and heating units from running continuously to maintain your ideal internal temperature, thus saving you costs on energy.

Motorized Shades in Bloomington Illinois

Now that you have seen the advantages of motorized shades and blinds, it is time to contact SunGard Window Fashions. Let our design experts help you pick the operation system that is right for your home and help you pick the best style of window treatment for your lifestyle.